Photos, Arran, Islay and Jura, April 2012

(Identification of distant views thanks to Viewfinder Panoramas.)

Corra Bheinn and Glenbatrick Bay, Jura

(13 April 2012)

View from Corra Bheinn across north Jura and the Sound of Jura to, amongst others, Bidean nam Bian, Buachaille Etive Mr and Ben Cruachan

Beinn an ir from Corra Bheinn

Looking down to Glenbatrick Bay and across to western Mull

Looking through the gap between the other two Paps to Beinn a' Chaolais

Across Loch Tarbert, Ben More on Mull in the distance

Across Loch Tarbert to caves on the north shore from Glenbatrick Bay

Across Loch Tarbert to north Jura from Glenbatrick Bay

Looking out to Colonsay from Glenbatrick Bay

Ringed Plover running, Glenbatrick Bay

Two Ringed Plovers, Glenbatrick Bay

Swans, Glenbatrick Bay, with caves across Loch Tarbert

Loch na Fdarlaich Beag, with Colonsay and western Mull in the distance

Corra Bheinn above Loch na Fdarlaich

Arran across the Sound of Jura

Paps of Jura

(12 April 2012)

Beinn Shiantaidh

Beinn a' Chaolais

Loch an Aircill below Scrinadle, from Beinn Shiantaidh

Across Loch Tarbert to Mull, from Beinn Shiantaidh

The rugged north of Jura, from Beinn Shiantaidh

Over Corra Bheinn to the Sound of Jura, from the slopes of Beinn an ir

View from Beinn an ir over the Sound of Jura. Ben Cruachan centre left, Ben Lui far right, Bridge of Orchy hills just about visible between them.

View from Beinn an ir over Loch Tarbert, Loch Righ Beag and Loch Righ Mr to eastern Mull and, in the far distance, Ardgour

View from Beinn an ir over the Sound of Jura to Ben More and Stob Binnein, with the Arrochar Alps to the right

The cliffs of Beinn a' Chaolais from the south ridge of Beinn an ir

One of Na Garbh Lochanan, with the north end of the Sound of Islay, Rubh' a' Mhil lighthouse and the southern end of Oronsay

Beinn Shiantaidh from the lower slopes of Beinn a' Chaolais

Beinn an ir from the lower slopes of Beinn a' Chaolais

View from Beinn a' Chaolais south to the Sound of Islay, eastern Islay (Beinn Bheigier on right) and Co. Antrim in the far distance

View from Beinn a' Chaolais to Islay, with the Mull of Oa and Loch Indaal

View from Beinn a' Chaolais to Arran

Loch an t-Sob

Beinn an ir

North End, Jura

(11 April 2012)

Barnhill, where George Orwell wrote Nineteen Eighty Four, with the Sound of Jura and snowy Beinn Bhuidhe behind

Yacht in the Sound of Jura

Ben Cruachan and Ben Starav across the Sound of Jura


Across the entrance to the Gulf of Corryvreckan to Scarba and Mull. There is perhaps some evidence of turbulence on the sea surface associated with the famous Corryvreckan whirlpool.

Mull, Scarba and a stag

Bgh Gleann nam Muc and Eilean Beag

The Paps of Jura from Jura's road


(9 and 10 April 2012)

Shoreline near the Mull of Oa

Inishowen, Co. Donegal, from the Mull of Oa

Cliffs at the Mull of Oa

Waves rolling in at Machir Bay

More waves at Machir Bay

Rainbow from Machir Bay

Waves breaking over rocks, Machir Bay

Arran from the lower slopes of Beinn Bheigier

Loch Indaal from Beinn Bheigier

Beinn Bheigier from Glas Bheinn

Running deer below Glas Bheinn

Oystercatcher on the shore near Proaig

Kildonan, Arran

(8 April 2012)

Redshank on the shore at Kildonan

Oystercatcher on the shore at Kildonan

Goatfell and Cir Mhr, Arran

(7 April 2012)

Beinn Nuis from near Brodick Castle

Cir Mhr from Goatfell

Mist on the A' Chir ridge from Goatfell

Brodick and Holy Isle from Goatfell

Caisteal Abhail from Goatfell

The Witch's Step from Goatfell

Ailsa Craig from Goatfell

Drizzlebow (between North Goatfell and Cir Mhr)

The Doon and King's Cave, Arran

(6 April 2012)

The Doon from the shore near King's Cave

Shelducks on the shore between the Doon and King's Cave

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