Photos, autumn winter 2011/12

Cleveland Hills, Yorkshire

(11 March 2012)

On the moors above Chop Gate looking across to Cringle Moor

East from Urra Moor to Hasty Bank, Cold Moor and Cringle Moor

East from the Wain Stones to Cold Moor

The Wain Stones, Hasty Bank

Roseberry Topping over the gap between Cringle Moor and Cold Moor

Bryn Arw, Monmouthshire

(12 February 2012)

Ysgyryd Fawr from Bryn Arw

North towards the Vale of Ewyas from Bryn Arw

Mynydd Du

(11 February 2012)

Fan Gyhirych from above Glyntawe, and a pony

Glaze on the grass

A swallow hole on the limestone plateau south of the Mynydd Du

Snowy sink holes and frosty grass

The south side of the Mynydd Du

Glaze on grass and rocks, Waun Lefrith

Rime on reeds, Waun Lefrith

Bannau Sir Gaer above Llyn y Fan Fach

The plateau and escarpment of Bannau Sir Gaer

The edge of Bannau Sir Gaer, featuring a few icicles

The cliffs of Bannau Sir Gaer

Llyn y Fan Fach

Llyn y Fan Fach from Picws Du

Fan Foel and Fan Brycheiniog from Picws Du

Looking back to Picws Du

Rime and ice on Fan Brycheiniog

View from Fan Brycheiniog over Llyn y Fan Fawr to Fan Gyhirych

The east escarpment of Fan Brycheiniog above Llyn y Fan Fawr

The ridge of Fan Hir

Frost, snow and rime on the cliff top of Fan Hir

The cliffs of Fan Hir

East to Pen y Fan and Fan Gyhirych

Porter Valley and Houndkirk Moor

(5 February 2012)

Holme Wheel dam, Endcliffe Park

Ducks in the snow

Snowy trees, Whiteley Woods

Forge Dam

Houndkirk Moor

Higger Tor and Carl Wark

Kinder Scout

(4 February 2012)

Win Hill, Lose Hill, Back Tor

James on the slopes of Grindslow Knoll

Grindslow Knoll

Frozen stream, head of Crowden Clough

Head of Crowden Clough

Looking down Crowden Clough

On the Kinder plateau

Frozen stream in grough on the Kinder plateau

Frozen confluence of groughs

James standing on the River Kinder

Kinder Gates

Above Kinder Downfall

Kinder Downfall, being inspected by ice climbers

Cutting Edge water feature, Sheffield

(4 February 2012)

Ice formations on the Cutting Edge outside Sheffield station

Another view of the ice on the Cutting Edge. Also featuring a pigeon.

Win Hill and Jaggers Clough

(14 January 2012)

Horses on the slopes of Win Hill

Mist below Mam Tor

Crook Hills and Derwent Edge


Ice and frost on reeds, Jaggers Clough

Ice formation, Jaggers Clough

Win Hill, Lose Hill and Back Tor

Glen Lui and Glen Derry

(2 January 2012)

Scots Pines in the snow, Glen Lui

Strange Scots Pine, Glen Lui

Pines below Sgr Dubh, Glen Lui

Scots Pine near Derry Lodge

Scots Pines around Derry Burn

Looking down Derry Burn

The sun tries to come out in Glen Lui

Morven, Aberdeenshire

(1 January 2012)

On the top of Morven

Brocken spectre on top of Morven

Mistbow on Morven

West from Morven towards the Cairngorms

Looking north-west from Morven to Mona Gowan and the Ladder Hills

Rainbow over Scots Pine, Creagan Riabhach


(30 December 2011)

Meikle Pap

Mackerel sky

The great corrie of Lochnagar

Towards the Cairngorms

On the Lochnagar corrie edge

Rime patterns near the summit of Lochnagar

Rushup Edge to Lose Hill, Derbyshire

(10 December 2011)

View south from Rushup Edge

Rime on grass, Rushup Edge

Why is this tree this shape?

Winnats Pass and trees above

Donna Nook, Lincolnshire

(20 November 2011)

Grey seal with pup

Grey seal chasing (someone else's?) pup

Grey seals

Grey seal feeding pup

Grey seal bull and cow

Grey seal pup

Grey seal pup waving at the crowd

Upper Derwent and Bleaklow

(19 November 2011)

Mist rising from Howden reservoir

Howden reservoir

River Derwent at Slippery Stones

Derwent valley above Slippery Stones

River Derwent above Slippery Stones

Round Hill above the upper Derwent

Barrow Stones

Grinah Stones

Looking east from Bleaklow Stones

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