Photos, Isle of Rum (and around), April 2011

Harris, Rum

(29 April 2011)

Skye Cuillin

Askival above Loch an Dornabac

Hallival and Trollaval; Rum ponies in the foreground

Coastal rocks at Harris

Rum Cuillin from Harris

Rum Cuillin above Harris bay and the bizarre Bullough mausoleum

Rum Cuillin from the shoreline at Harris

A Rum goat

Red-throated diver, loch near Harris

Red-throated diver, loch near Harris

Red-throated divers, loch near Harris

Around Loch Scresort and boat trip

(28 April 2011)

Oystercatcher by Loch Scresort

Flying Oystercatcher

Eider on Loch Scresort

Askival and Hallival from the boat

Skye from the boat


Heron by Loch Scresort

Flying heron

Loch Scresort in the evening

Orval and Bloodstone Hill

(27 April 2011)

Kinloch Castle

Kinloch River

Canna over Bloodstone Hill

Skye over Fionchra from Orval

Srn an t-Saighdeir from Orval

Skye over the cliffs of Orval

The Rum Cuillin: from left to right Hallival, Askival, Trollaval, Ainshval, Sgurr nan Goibhrean, Ruinsival

Fionchra and the cliffs of Orval

Skye and Guirdil Bay

Looking down the cliffs of Bloodstone Hill

Skye from Bloodstone Hill

Canna and Sanday from Bloodstone Hill

Cliffs of Orval

Rum Cuillin

(26 April 2011)

Hallival and Askival

Trollaval and Ainshval from NW ridge of Hallival

Askival and Ainshval from Hallival

Looking back to Hallival from N ridge of Askival

Summit of Askival, looking down to Beinn nan Stac with Eigg and Muck in the background

Ainshval and Trollaval from the summit of Askival

Next objective: Trollaval

Ainshval looking formidable

Ruinsival and Harris bay from Trollaval

Hallival and Askival from Trollaval

Over Beinn nan Stac to Eigg from Trollaval

Askival and Beinn nan Stac from Bealach an Fhuarain

Hallival and Askival from Ainshval

Eigg and Dibidil bay from Ainshval

Back to Ainshval, Hallival and Askival from Sgurr nan Goibhrean; Skye Cuillin in the background

Ruinsival, Loch Fiachanais and Harris bay from Sgurr nan Goibhrean

Ainshval and Askival from Sgurr nan Gillean; Skye Cuillin in the background

Askival from the descent to Dibidil

Eigg and Dibidil

Dibidil glen; Askival on the right, Ainshval on the left

Looking up Dibidil glen to Trollaval

Eigg from the path from Dibidil to Kinloch

Barkeval, Rum

(25 April 2011)

Turret, Kinloch Castle, Rum

Stream in Coire Dubh

Hallival and Askival

Loch Bealach Mhic Nill from Barkeval

Hallival and Askival from Barkeval

Askival and Trollaval (with Ainshval behind) from Barkeval

Ferry to Rum

(25 April 2011)

An Sgurr, Eigg, from the ferry to Rum

Northern cliffs of Eigg, from the ferry to Rum

Rum Cuillin from the ferry

Askival and Hallival, Rum, from the ferry


(23-24 April 2011)

Sunset from Mallaig over Skye, Rum and Eigg

Loch Eireagoraidh, near Mallaig

Loch Eireagoraidh from Sgurr Eireagoraidh

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