Photos, November 2010 to March 2011

River Thames, Pangbourne, Berkshire

(20 March 2011)

Great Crested Grebe courtship

Great Crested Grebes on the Thames

Male Mandarin Duck on the Thames


(12 February 2011)

Nant-y-Moch reservoir and Drosgol

Tarn at Fainc Ddu

Llyn Llygad Rheidol

Pen Pumlumon Fawr above Llyn Llygad Rheidol

East into Montgomeryshire; Pegwn Mawr in the distance

Looking down the upper Wye; Black Mountains just visible in the distance

Looking down on Llyn Llygad Rheidol

North to Meirionnydd: Arenig Fawr and Aran Fawddwy

South from Pen Pumlumon Fawr

Kinder Scout

(29 January 2011)

Icicles in William Clough

Kinder Downfall, with some ice

Pool in River Kinder above the Downfall

Frozen River Kinder

Kinder Gates

Looking down River Kinder above Kinder Gates

Patterns in ice, River Kinder

Icy grough

Carn an Fhreiceadain

(3 January 2011)

Frosty cairn on Carn an Fhreiceadain

Carn Eilrig (north of Braeriach)

(2 January 2011)

Ice falls, Lurcher's Crag

Stream below Carn Odhar


Northern side of Braeriach from Carn Eilrig

Lurcher's Crag, Ben Macdui and the Lairig Ghru from Carn Eilrig

Loch Einich and Sgòr Gaoith from Carn Eilrig

Scots Pine

Ben Macdui and Cairn Gorm

(31 December 2010)

Early morning below Coire an Lochan

Cliffs of Coire an Lochan

Morning light on Cairn Gorm

Mistbow on the Cairngorm plateau

Beinn Mheadhoin

Misty view of Cairn Toul

Misty view of Braeriach

Across the Lairig Ghru: Cairn Toul, Sgòr an Lochain Uaine, Braeriach

Cairn Toul and Sgòr an Lochain Uaine

Braeriach again

Beinn Mheadhoin and Beinn a' Bhùird, from near the summit of Ben Macdui. The summit tors of Ben Avon are just visible behind Beinn a' Bhùird.

East to Beinn a' Bhùird and Deeside, from near the summit of Ben Macdui


(30 December 2010)

Mist over Strathspey

Frozen stream across path

Mist below Creag Dhubh

Looking down Allt na Beinne

Ice on Allt na Beinne

River Calder, Glen Banchor

Wyming Brook

(19 December 2010)

Ice formations on Wyming Brook

Dangling ice, Wyming Brook

A few icicles

Icy Wyming Brook

Ice forming from spray from waterfall?

Lose Hill and Mam Tor

(5 December 2010)

Hope Valley

View east from Lose Hill

Across Edale to Grindsbrook

Mam Tor

Mist pouring over from the west

Castleton and Winnats Pass

Rime on grass, Mam Tor

Mist around Winnats Pass, from Mam Tor

Looking down to mist from Mam Tor

Mist near Windy Knoll

Snowy Sheffield

(1 and 3 December 2010)

Looking out of the back door

Are they delivering today?

Sheffield Cathedral

Weston Park

Icicles on Firth Court

Ice in the Porter Valley

(28 November 2010)

Shepherd Wheel dam

Wiremill Dam

Rime on leaf, Wiremill Dam

Forge Dam


Porter Brook in Porter Clough

Win Hill and Kinder Scout

(27 November 2010)

Looking down to Bamford

Hope Valley from Win Hill

Bamford and Stanage Edges from Win Hill

Kinder from Win Hill

Jaggers Clough

Icicles in Jaggers Clough

Icy reeds in Golden Clough

Garsdale to Ribblehead via Great Knoutberry Hill

(20 November 2010)

Wild Boar Fell above Clough House, Garsdale

Widdale Little Tarn, with its grouse butt island and causeway

Misty view of upper Dentdale

Calf Top and Arten Gill viaduct

Plants in a gryke, Great Scar limestone pavement near Ribblehead

Ribblehead viaduct from Great Scar

Natural limestone bridge near Ribblehead

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