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Recent photos are on this page. Older photos are linked from the archive at the bottom of the page. I also have a page with some photos grouped by region, some dating back to about 1999.

Bempton Cliffs, East Riding

(23 April 2022)

Gannet's eye


Gannet flying in the wind

Gannet hovering above the sea

Puffin flying out

Gannet by the cliffs

Gannet with nest material

Several gannets, with two sky-pointing


Puffin with nesting material

Puffin flying out with nesting material

Great Gable, Cumbria

(8 April 2022)


Pillar and Haystacks

Scafell Pike and Great Gable from Grey Knotts

Bow Fell and Great End from a tarn on Grey Knotts

Buttermere and Crummock Water; Grasmoor on the right; Criffel in Galloway in the distance

Scafell and Scafell Pike from Great Gable

Fairfield and High Street from Great Gable

View south past Black Combe, enhanced (using equalize in GIMP) to show that the mountains of Snowdonia were just about visible. The equalisation process enhances some dirt on the lens.

Pillar from Great Gable

Wast Water from Great Gable

Scafell and Scafell Pike from Kirk Fell

Green and Great Gables

Buttermere to Borrowdale, Cumbria

(7 April 2022)

Crummock Water from the slopes of Robinson

Looking north to Skiddaw from Hindscarth

Descending to Dale Head Tarn as the snow falls

Sty Head and Sprinkling Tarns, Cumbria

(6 April 2022)

Sty Head Tarn

Just below the cloud line at Sprinkling Tarn

Grains Gill

Langstrath, Cumbria

(5 April 2022)

Black Moss Pot

Langstrath above Black Moss Pot

Eagle Crag above Langstrath Beck

Stonethwaite Beck near Galleny Force

Whitby, North Yorkshire

(4 January 2022)

Sandsend Ness from Sandsend at low tide

Along the beach to Sandsend Ness


Whitby beach

Turnstone on the pier

Turnstones seem to be interested in chocolate coated brazil nuts

One of the gang...

... and six of them. The front left one has only one foot.

Saltwick Nab

Cliffs below the ruins of Whitby Abbey

Foaming sea from the East Pier

Waves looking towards Saltwick Nab

Sandsend Ness over some wild waves

Looking back to Whitby from Sandsend over rough sea

Roseberry Topping, North Yorkshire

(3 January 2022)

Roseberry Topping and Newton Moor

Roseberry Topping through the window of the Shooting Box

View south-west from Roseberry Topping towards the main Cleveland Hills ridge

Roseberry Topping from Newton Moor

Roseberry Topping from near Captain Cook's Monument

Port Mulgrave to Staithes, North Yorkshire

(30 December 2021)

Old Nab from north of Port Mulgrave

Old Nab headland


Coastline west of Staithes

Cwm Idwal and Ogwen valley, Snowdonia

(27 November 2021)

Y Garn across Llyn Idwal

Cwm Idwal

Looking up to Cwm Cneifion and Glyder Fawr

Llyn Idwal and Pen yr Ole Wen

Glaze and icicles

Frozen spray from waterfall


More frozen spray

Castell y Geifr above Llyn Idwal

Y Garn above Llyn Idwal

Pen yr Ole Wen across Llyn Ogwen

Tryfan above Llyn Bochlwyd


Looking down on Llyn Bochlwyd

Tryfan; Pen Llithrig y Wrach in the background

Water being blown out of Llyn Ogwen

Ponies by Llyn Ogwen

Tryfan above windy Llyn Ogwen

Llyn Ogwen sunset

St Abb's Head, Berwickshire

(6 June 2021)

Coastal scenery at St Abb's

Two shags

Rock fang (covered in guillemots)

Gannets mixed in with the guillemots

West along the coast from near St Abb's Head

Bass Rock boat trip, East Lothian

(6 June 2021)

Guillemots on the Lamb

Puffins on Craigleith

Shag (colour ringed blue RPP) on Craigleith

Puffin swimming

Guillemot swimming

Cloud of gannets above the Bass Rock


Gannet staring out to sea

Flying gannet

More gannets

Pair of gannets

Young grey seal

Bass Rock lighthouse

Gannet flying with seaweed

Two more gannets

Flying gannet

The Bass Rock

Owls at Jackey Bank, Sheffield

(27 May 2021)

This year's Tawny Owl chick

Rivelin Valley

(14 May 2021)

Dipper fledgling


Rivelin Valley

(6 April 2021)


Grey wagtail

Hungry Grey Heron...

... and now it has a meal (possibly a Starling)

Presumably not hungry any more

Rivelin Valley

(29 March 2021)


Dipper gathering nesting material

Celebrity Crosspool owl

(1 February 2021)

Roosting Tawny Owl...

... and again

Snowy Sheffield

(14 and 15 January 2021)

Blue tit in the snow

Snowy branches

Mist over the snowy upper Don valley

Over snowy trees to Keppel's Column rising above the mist

Morning light over the Rivelin valley

Path through snowy trees

Snowy sunrise at Hallamshire golf course

Snowy branches

Snowy trees

Sun beginning to reach the branches

Snowy tree above the golf course wall

Snowy trees lit up by morning sun

Snowy woods, Bell Hagg

Snowy woods, Bell Hagg

Across the Rivelin valley

A final snowy tree

Endcliffe Park kingfisher

(17 December 2020)

Kingfisher, Holme Wheel dam

White Edge, Derbyshire

(11 October 2020)


Bolving stag

Baslow Edge and the Derwent valley

Pen y Fan, Brecon Beacons

(20 September 2020)

Mist formations

Pen y Fan

Pen y Fan from Corn Du

Llyn Cwm Llwch

Fleswick Bay, Cumbria (near St. Bees)

(25 August 2020)

Frothing sea at Fleswick Bay

Skiddaw via Ullock Pike

(24 August 2020)

Southerndale, between Skiddaw and the Ullock Pike ridge

Across the head of Bassenthwaite Lake to the North Western Fells, from Ullock Pike

Long Side and Derwentwater from Ullock Pike

Newlands valley, with Scafell Pike and Great Gable on the skyline, from Ullock Pike

Bassenthwaite Lake from Ullock Pike

The Helvellyn range and Derwentwater from Carl Side

Looking back at the Ullock Pike ridge, with Galloway hills in the distance

Blencathra and the Pennines from Skiddaw

View south over Derwentwater from Skiddaw. The hills on the skyline include Wetherlam, the Old Man of Coniston, Bowfell, Scafell Pike, Scafell and Great Gable.

Derwentwater and the North Western Fells from Skiddaw

Back to Skiddaw and the Ullock Pike ridge from Little Man

The Helvellyn range from Skiddaw Little Man

The Coledale Horseshoe

Clough Head and the Dodds

Kinder Scout

(2 August 2020)

The Woolpacks

A strange face

Stanage Edge

(20 July 2020)

A slightly out of focus Bearded Vulture (Lammergeier) soaring over the north end of Stanage Edge!

Stanage Edge birds

(14 June 2020)

Ring Ouzel


Golden Plover

Owls at Jackey Bank, Sheffield

(31 May 2020)

Adult Tawny Owl with two owlets, Jackey Bank, Crookes

... and now all posing for the camera

Rivelin Valley birds

(12 March 2020)

Heron, Hind Wheel dam

Moorhen, Hind Wheel dam

Goosanders sitting by Wolf Wheel dam

Dipper and reflection, Wolf Wheel weir

Dipper on rock

Abbey Brook to Low Bradfield, South Yorkshire

(8 March 2020)

Woods by Abbey Brook below Howden Edge

Upper Abbey Brook

Rainbow over Agden Rocher

Kinder Scout, Derbyshire

(2 March 2020)

Shower coming in at the head of Crowden Clough

One of the tarns below Grindslow Knoll, covered in graupel (soft hail) stones

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